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Privacy Policy

Protection and care of any personal information that you provide to us is an important design tenet for the and websites.  We agree to provide secured socket layer (SSL or https://) communications during any transfer of account, password or personal information while using a web page on this site.  We agree not to rent, sell or give your email address or technology interests gained via this site to a third party without first obtaining your consent.
We may use the email or mailing address that you provide to us in order to send you offers or announcements.  We are entitled to one communication per each free download but in actuality this only occurs a small percentage of the time.  We offer an opt out feature by user account.  Opt out does not apply to future purchase confirmations or necessary and proper legal or business communications subsequent to opt-out.  Also, we reserve the right to let you know when your account is about to be taken offline due to inactivity if you have not opted out.

We do not consider your IP address, browser description metadata (signature) or network (not your PC) handle broadcast as private or personal information.  We collect this information automatically as a part of our efforts to detect invalid links and to identify sources of malicious traffic.  If you tie up our site with malicious requests or make a high percentage of invalid information gathering attempts (such as mining for hidden data or sub-level process triggers), we may publish your IP address, browser signature and/or network handle (non-personal information) in a Visitors of Dubious Distinction list page.  In this case, you may contact us to request removal from the list(s) or better yet, to supply an exclusion message for your robots.

If you log in during a visit to our site, we may retain navigation or preference information in our database for the purpose of tailoring your experience on our website or improving our site.  At this time we do not to place ad or site navigation preference cookies on your computer.  

We reserve the right to terminate your account if we determine that action is necessary based on specific reasons.  If you appeal, we will consider your appeal.

Terms of Use

This Website,, is owned and operated by Tegratecs Development Corp.  Tegratecs Development Corp. reserves complete title and full intellectual property rights in any Content that you download from the Website that we have authored.

You agree to respect the copyrights we have on our websites (Content) and within any software you have licensed from us.  You must be explicitly authorized prior to any electronic distribution of our technical or developer oriented Content to a third party.  One of the reasons we request this is so that we can calculate the size of the audience we are reaching.  This, along with positive feedback, is helpful in justifying our future publishing efforts on a given topic.

Use of concepts and technique gleaned from a registered download, in order to develop new software at your employer, is an authorized use if you register with the business name.    

All copyright material obtained from or via this site must retain it's copyright notice, should not be plagiarized and may not be used verbatim for your commercial purposes.  However, if you are able to satisfy copyright laws by taking a conceptual idea and portions of code from a downloaded coding example and then extrapolating or improving upon it to the extent that it no longer resembles our work and also creates a distinctly new unique work, then obviously you have the right to do with your copyrightable work what you wish, including use it for your commercial purposes. 

There is also something in between which you can develop, known as an improvements copyright (on top of our work).  If you have created something in this area and wish to use it commercially, please contact us and we will be happy to work out an agreement that will not be an impediment to your efforts.

If you feel we are infringing upon a copyright of another person or entity or one owned by yourself, please let us know.  Occasionally we will post another entity's picture, referral or public domain info or promotional info, but we strive to always credit the original author.


Tegratecs Development Corp. does not warrant that this site will always be accessible.  Tegratecs Development Corp. will make every effort to only publish information that it believes is accurate, however all content is provided on an "as is" basis.  Editorial comments and contributions to content provided by website members on an ad-hoc basis are not endorsed by Tegratecs Development Corp. and are in no way to be considered a statement of Tegratecs Development Corp.

Have fun, learn and let us hear from you.

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